Making the internet work for you.

You are looking to find a presence on the internet that attracts more business to your door; we are the business partners that will work with you to make that happen.

We work in three key areas:

WordPress Website Design + Search Engine Optimisation + Digital Marketing

= Success!

Hosting packages to suit your business demands…

Websites are built to reflect your business and fulfill the demands that you make of them. Hosting should be the same – one size does not fit all!

So whether your website is business critical or a simple web prescence, we have hosting packages that provide the support you need, whilst ensuring that your website continues to perform as you need it to.

Packages start with three key levels of Hosting….

Wordpress Web Design

EJC Websites are specialised in WordPress web design and SEO Services.

Wordpress Web Design

WordPress is a powerful website builder and a robust content management system, and according to a recent survey powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet.

Owing to its robust features many top brands use WordPress to power their websites, so in our view, WordPress is the way to go, and we have grown our business on its success – we can do the same for you.

Digital Marketing

It is not enough to simply have a lovely website, you must market your business too...

Digital Marketing

You need to be able to market your business, your brand, products and services across a number of digital outlets. We can work with you to determine your current route to market and how we might provide support with your current digital strategy.


We are WooCommerce experts, so will build you a beautiful online store.


The internet gives you a wonderful opportunity to open a store without a physical location. We can build you the shopfront that presents your products and services, displaying the newest and best in the forefront. Using the industry recognised superb WooCommerce, with its elegant capabilities and useful marketing functions, we will enable your website into a stylish eCommerce business.

Level 1

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Level 2

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  • Feature 2

Level 3


What makes a great website?

A great design is a good place to start for your website; one that reflects your business and provides a pleasing experience for your visitors.  Certainly if you have ever tried to user a website that is cluttered and badly organised you may well have found yourself feeling frustrated, or irritated, perhaps even clicked away from the site in a few moments. As a business owner it is important to make sure your website provides an inviting and helpful environment for customers to make sure that stay and want to do business with you.

Client-centric websites

AT EJC Websites we believe that a great website starts with the ethos of the “client-centric” website; one that is all about the visitor journey. We design our websites with the customer in mind, ensuring that their journey is understood and information is easy to find. Their next click is anticipated and they are not left to wander aimlessly through the website trying to find what they want or need to know; if they are unable to find what they need to know, then that information is effectively useless.

I was recommended Liz at EJC Websites on We love Sandhurst on Facebook. I can’t recommend Liz highly enough! I am so pleased with my new website! It’s amazing! I don’t do computers but she guided me, suggested and worked so hard to get the best representation of my business online.


Recent Projects

We Love Hot Tubs!

We Love Hot Tubs!

We Love Hot Tubs!

We Love Hot Tubs!

I need help with Search Engine Optimisation

Let us take care of the SEO strategy to ensure that the right people find your website, and that when they do, it provides a positive user experience.

I need help with my Digital Strategy

Social media, marketing, Adwords campaigns, linkage strategies…we can help with driving business to your new website. 

I need help with my website

Whether you are a new business without a website or an exisiting business that needs a refresh, we will work with you to provide the website your business deserves.