Gales Garage

The client contacted EJC Websites as they had had a lull in business since the beginning of the lock down, and they needed to demonstrate to the community that they were well and truly back!

With a refreshed logo, new website, marketing strategy which included a customer “Loyalty Scheme”, and a targeted social media campaign, Gales Garage is now a re-energised community feature and will now flourish for the next 60years!

When Liz from EJC websites emails you and asks you to give her a quick five minute call back, you had better set aside a good half hour …. Liz and the team have so many good ideas and suggestions, even when your business is not their field of expertise! From setting up our website, arranging the photographer and photo shoot , local advertising, artwork, printing and delivery,  to taking control of our social media presence, regular posts and updates, we have received a wealth of compliments and of course new business. Thank you Liz and EJC Websites for some great results!

Ann Gale, Gales Garage