Project Description

Panmure Lodge 723 website by EJC Websites

Panmure Lodge 723


The client needed a new website; one that would be clean and concise as well as straightforward enough for them to update themselves. The masons have a number of guidelines around how they expect the websites to look and work and so we spent a reasonable amount of time getting to gripes with the site design. Looking at other masonic sites this client had said he wanted one that reflected the history of the lodge and as such he wanted it to have a “traditional” feel. The calendar aspect was used to provide current members of the lodge the ability to keep up-to-date with upcoming events.

Despite being one of the oldest masonic lodges in the Country we did not have a website and I felt it was important that we should arrange to have one built. Liz patiently worked with me in understanding what we do, what information we wanted to put on the new website as well as the guidelines and regulations that determine the way in which masonic websites are built. In particular I wanted a site that reflected our heritage and was welcoming to any visitors. I was delighted with the overall look and feel of the website that EJC Websites built for us and the way that she linked it with the new Facebook page that she created for us too. I also learned a great deal by going through this process and I am looking forward to being able to update both the Facebook page and website in due course.

Simon Banham, Panmure Lodge 723