We Love Hot Tubs! website by EJC Websites

We Love Hot Tubs!


As a new business this client was looking for branding, a new website and a presence on local social media. Working closely with the client to define the marketing strategy, EJC Websites created the logo, marketing material, website and Facebook page for the client to update themselves.

The We Love Hot Tubs! website is now on its third refresh, ensuring that we maintain the client’s initial aim of the website looking clean, professional and easy to use.

“When I started “We Love Hot Tubs!” I had absolutely no idea about how to build a website and get myself on the internet. Our challenge was that we wanted to keep the business small and local as we wanted to provide a more personal service within a specific zone spreading out to 25 miles outside of Yateley. Not only did Liz produce a website which is neat and concise, giving our potential clients and existing customers all the information they need, she was also able to put together a “Pay-per-Click” campaign which advertised us to customers within that 25-mile radius zone. Now we get enquiries from potential customers who are exactly in our target geographical area and we are pleased that we have set ourselves apart as the local hot tub experts.

Liz listened to what our business needs were at the start of our venture, and twelve years on she continues to update our website on a weekly basis ensuring that the site stays fresh and our clients visit us time and again for updated information.

As someone who did not understand how to get started with a website I have found that Liz has made this a simple and straight forward process and the customers that we have attracted have been exactly what, and where, we wanted!”

Richard Carpenter, We Love Hot Tubs!