Yateley Society


The Yateley Society had several websites, none of which were capable of being updated as the designers had moved on. They contacted us and requested a website that would constitute the “front end” to a number of other websites and sources of information. They also wanted it to be straightforward for them to update themselves so that they could add content in real time.

“The Society contacted Liz in order that our web site could be made more flexible to allow it to be used for communicating more with our members. We needed to have a home page that could be readily updated and provide details of events and news of the Society’s activities so that members will have up to date information. We also have a more positive link to our Facebook page so that it sits side by side with other Yateley area Facebook accounts. Liz made the necessary changes without developing a completely new site and we are now in the second year of use and feedback has been positive.”

Jo Hill, Vice-Chair, Yateley Society