Social Media Review

Do you have a handle on your social media activities?

For many their activists on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are the lifeblood of their business. With over 65% of people saying they look to social media to get initial recommendations before they buy products or services, it is key that you get your social media activities right!

You start the process by completing our questionnaire so that we have a clear picture of your business, your objectives and business goals. We then undertake a methodical review of your current Social Media Activities and then, armed with the understanding of you and your business gathered through your completed questionnaire, we will produce a Social Media Review Report. The report will:

We will detail what information needs adding or updating to ensure that visitors can see everything they need to know about you, encouraging engagement

Again, making sure that it reflects you and your business

Are your Social Media activities portraying your business on the best possible light? What posts are working for you, and which are falling short?

Including the review and recommendations on your use of hashtags, provide tips on how to improve what you are doing, use of “boosted posts” etc.

We were doing what I thought was a good job on Facebook, but just not getting the results I wanted. EJC Websites reviewed the company’s business page, made changes to the look of the page, added branded content and shared posts into social media groups. Now we are getting more hits on the website and more calls from prospective clients. I am delighted!

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