What do We Provide For Your New Website?

Your new website needs to reflect your business and attract new customers. Whether you are a plumber, hairdresser or childcare worker we know that your day-to-day focus is in delivering the best to your customers…and that is what we do for you. We ensure that the whole process of creating your new website is a painless and straightforward one, and our pricing ensures that your wallet will be happy too!

Every website is different and as such the cost to create one may vary from one website to another. However, we have put together a “typical” page checklist so that you can better understand what we offer when creating your website pages.

Your website package may include any or all of the following:

  1. All the advice and help needed to design and set up your website, including help to choose a domain name, together with an aftercare service second to none (including regular, automated back-ups of your website),
  2. We provide an original header graphic based on your scanned logo or trademark,
  3. Up to two additional custom scanned or stock images as appropriate per page,
  4. Headers, rules, bullet points and decorative features as appropriate according to design,
  5. Buttons and image bars as appropriate,
  6. Upload the text that you provide,
  7. Modify a background colour or colours according to your company logo or trademark,
  8. Sizing and enhancement of all graphics and photographs to suit the design,
  9. Tables to position features or tabulated data,
  10. Links to other sites or pages as appropriate,
  11. Content links and page navigation graphics on long pages,
  12. A text based navigation map at the foot of multipage sites,
  13. Email address/es and contact data supplied by you incorporated on each page if appropriate.
  14. Testing of all links, both off and online,
  15. Registering with all the main search engines,
  16. 1 hours “get  started” training  – to setup and use email, update your website and upload media.
  17. Link from our website to your own.

Do You Want to Look After It Yourself?

Once your website is live and you have had your “get started” training you may be happy to modify and update your website yourself. If that is the case then we are at the end of the telephone or email should you have any questions or problems.

No Thanks, I Want Some Help!

If you would rather not deal with the day-to-day updating of your new site yourself we offer a “Management Service” whereby we will undertake minor page updates and changes. In addition we will provide monthly stats detailing how many people are finding your website, browsing through it (including which pages they were looking at) and what they were looking for (based on the words they used to search for the product or service of interest). This valuable information will help you understand what your potential customers are actually looking for and in turn make sure that they find that you provide it!