We often have clients telling us that they have invested in a website already only to find that nobody can find it! There are many ways that your website can be improved and the “Google status” enhanced to ensure that your potential customers easily find you when searching on Google and other search engines.

Keyword Report – How valuable would it be to you to know what your prospective customers are typing into search engines when they are looking for the products and services that you offer? For £150 we can produce a keyword report which provides real-time information (taken from data gathered from the primary search engines over the last 90 days) on words and phrases your potential customers are actually searching on. Armed with this genuine keyword information we can advise on how to modify your website to make sure that next time they will find you!

Website content analysis and content modification – following on from the Keyword report we can re-produce your website content to include all the keywords and phrases that are needed to improve your Google positioning. This service costs £50 for five pages (nb can only be provided in addition to the Keyword Report and not in isolation).

Website Marketing – We will research directories and other websites to advise on where you should be advertising your website. Additional links help to improve your Google rating!

Pay-Per-Click Campaign – if you want to get noticed from day one then the best way to do so is to create a Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”) campaign. This guarantees that your website is listed on the “sponsored pages” section and as such will appear on page one straight away. We will advise on how to create the advert, set a click price, a daily limit, the demographic details and even the time of day to best capture your desired audience. For £50 we will create and manage your campaign for the first month…after that you may be happy to manage it yourself or we will manage it, on a rolling basis, for £30 per month.

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